The Limited Series is a timeless set of thoroughly designed suggestions by Eleh´s eighth generation chief designer, limited yearly to 99 pairs per colour of each shoe model. 

Eleh´s Limited Series is composed of the Designer Series & the Iconic Series. 

Charismatic and versatile, dawn to dusk shoe models.

Imbued with Lisbon's California meets Paris nonchalant feel, the Designer Series brings together easiness and sophistication. 

Launched in individualised unconventional collections, the Designer Series presents stylish contrasts and audacious details, set predominantly on chunky mid heels or flats. 

Designer Series

Classic and mesmerising, Cinderella's envy shoe models.


With the pledge for refinement that comes with experience, the Iconic Series is all about unique, covetable classics.


In round and pointed toe silhouettes, the Iconic Series exhale a cinematic glamour, starting off with elegant heels, boosting dramatic hues and mastering the art of embellishment.

Iconic Series

Designed over an eclectic aesthetic with roots on classic shoemaking silhouettes, the Limited Series portfolio is incredibly rich in modelling, materials, colours and techniques.