Faithful to the values of individuality, excellence and artisanship, Eleh advocates for wisdom that is becoming ultimately rare in fashion: creating with the luxury of time and profound comprehension of craft and design.


A commitment since the early days, each model is still manufactured in Portugal by skilful artisans.

Art of many subtleties, the sterling shoe craft is a balancing act between aesthetics, functionality, superior skill and fine materials. 


Supported over the secrets of foot tailoring mastered within many years of expertise, Eleh is obsessed with proportionating the best wearability experience.


From the first sketch to final prototype, each model is studied to fit exquisitely and flatter the silhouette. 


An intriguing art bringing to life delicate designs nearly from thin air, lace attire requires needle and yarn exclusively, beyond hundreds of hours from talented hands. 


Besides mastering lace techniques along with hand sewing, bead embroidery, and edge finishing, Eleh is well versed in stunning, secular patterns.


Without a single lateral seam, each model is designed to fit like a second skin and last a lifetime.